Real Success Stories

Sales Navigator Bootcamp Testimonials

Real Life Stories from Entrepreneurs who joined the Sales Navigator Bootcamp to learn how to use Sales Navigator to get qualified leads for businesses

Steve Alexander

“In this bootcamp I learned to create the perfect outreach strategy.

With that, I’ve been able to set up 3 appointments resulting in $75,000 in potential revenue for my business.”

Steve Alexander

Sales Manager, Smart Cremation

“From sending just 10 messages today, I got 3 responses, one meeting setup, and $12,000

in potential revenue all from the skills I picked up from the Sales Navigator Bootcamp.”

Dr. Rao (Hanumantha) Kolusu

CEO Coach
Dr Rao Hanumantha Kolusu
Zach Breslaw 02

“The Sales Navigator Bootcamp was incredible.

6 weeks of prospecting strategy on LinkedIn Sales Navigator from an expert that really knows his stuff. I was not overwhelmed because we went deep in 5 areas and now I fully understand how to find my target market, organize them, and reach out on a regular basis. I highly recommend this training for anyone that wants to generate qualified leads or drive new business. The LinkedIn strategies I learned helped us generate over $150,000 in new business within the first month.”

Zach Breslaw

Director of Business Development, Tristate Plumbing Services

“Working with Joe Apfelbaum in the Sales Navigator Bootcamp was valuable to the max!

Joe’s teaching style (fast-paced) kept me involved while still making sure I understood everything. Fun, useful, and a great ROI!”

Jeff Goldberg

Lead Coach & Trainer, Jeff Goldberg & Associates
Jeff Goldberg
Lucia Galindo

“First and foremost, I gained confidence with my overall presence on LinkedIn.

In just 6 short weeks, I feel like an avid lead list creator and targeting my lead lists with such clarity and strategy has given me confidence in prospecting. It’s not a cold call if you can find one thing in common! Joe showed me how to find and network on that one thing and turn that one thing into many things!”

Lucia Galindo

VP of Business Development, RehabOne Medical Group

“As a LinkedIn Trainer myself, I thought I knew Sales Navigator.

After signing up and attending the 6 sessions of the Sales Navigator Bootcamp, I have learned so many new things that I can put into practice with my clients. This training is catered to both the very basic users and also for advanced users such as myself who thought I knew Sales Navigator, but now I know how much there is to learn. Highly recommended for anyone in a sales role.”

Rhonda L Sher

Consultant, The Sher Method
Rhonda Sher
David Alto

“Having a strategy and having the right strategy are two different things.

Prior to taking the Sales Navigator Bootcamp, I had used Sales Navigator, but did not know how to create lists that got results. I learned much more than Sales Navigator in this bootcamp! I learned other tools to save valuable time and efficiency. 10/10.”

David Alto

Coach, Alto Advance

“I was hesitant to take the Sales Navigator Bootcamp with Evyrgreen because I was afraid that I would not be able to keep up with the training.

I decided to join the program because the replays were available and what I experienced was magical. Joe broke down Sales Navigator in a way that anyone can understand and now I am reaching out to ideal prospects every day with confidence. I have accountability, strategy, and a checklist of all the things I need to do to be successful. The best part is that I also know how to use automations which saves me so much time. I highly recommend the Sales Navigator Bootcamp.”

Rochelle Lisner

Founder, Dynamic Business Growth
Rochelle Lisner 1
Mendy Lipsker

“I’m very happy we invested in this! It’s the first time I’m actually scaling my business without ME doing all the calling & messaging.

My team is closing deals on their own, now.”

Mendy Lipsker

CEO, Mendy Realty Inc.

“I am now dangerously good at finding and reaching out to prospects so I can set up calls with them.

Highly recommended for anyone in business development who is looking for more qualified leads.”

Steve Duke

Certified License Partner, LXCouncil
Steve Duke