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Sales Navigator Bootcamp by Evyrgreen Networking

Do you want to learn how to use Sales Navigator to get qualified leads for business? 

Seize this opportunity to join our Sales Navigator Bootcamp! Learn more below.

"After signing up for the Evergreen Sales Navigator Bootcamp, I now know how to find the right decision-makers.

The Evergreen Sales Navigator Bootcamp set me up to generate 100K in potential revenue a year in profit just from the knowledge and training sessions. This Bootcamp is a valuable course, if you’re on the fence about it, just do it! I highly recommend it.”

Bobby Giurintano

Co-founder, Recovery Guardian

"In this bootcamp I learned to create the perfect outreach strategy.

With that, I’ve been able to set up 3 appointments resulting in $75,000 in potential revenue for my business.”

Steve Alexander

Sales Manager, Smart Cremation
Steve Alexander
Dominic Piccirillo

"Before I joined the Sales Nav Bootcamp, I really didn't know how to utilize LinkedIn.

Thanks to the Bootcamp, the amount of revenue that we can generate is anywhere from $600,000 to over a million dollars in revenue. The tools that the Bootcamp provided are incredibly valuable and by utilizing them, there’s no doubt that you can scale your business. As a commercial insurance broker, I would tell other commercial insurance brokers that if you’re looking to go into a niche market, the Sales Nav Bootcamp is very valuable.”


Principal, The Cody Group

LinkedIn is the best way to make sales prospecting and outreach much simpler and more efficient

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator can make sales prospecting and outreach much simpler and more efficient when used with a strategy. Its sole purpose is to help users quickly engage and build awareness with their ideal prospects to build real long-lasting relationships.

In our Sales Navigator Bootcamp, led by our CEO and LinkedIn expert Joe Apfelbaum, you will be guided through everything you need to know starting with the basics to implementing your personalized outreach strategy.

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Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

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When used properly, the filters offered by Sales Nav can help you obtain information on companies and people and understand key insights about them.

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Supplement cold calling and emailing

Sales Navigator allows you to build actual relationships, so when you call you’re not a complete stranger and that results in new business.

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Tools Advantage

With many search options, filters, and alerts available, Sales Nav can give insights on ideal prospects that help build your strategy on your sales approach to get an ROI.

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Lead Alerts

With lead alerts you can pull lists of prospects who have accepted connection requests and viewed your profile, along with leads who recently were featured in the news or posted/shared something. You can then message them or share value add articles directly from the homepage.

Sales Nav’s ability to pull these insights with a few clicks and then immediately take action all on one screen makes building habits using LinkedIn for sales engagement that much easier!

Lucia Galindo

"First and foremost, I gained confidence with my overall presence on LinkedIn.

In just 6 short weeks, I feel like an avid lead list creator and targeting my lead lists with such clarity and strategy has given me confidence in prospecting. It’s not a cold call if you can find one thing in common! Joe showed me how to find and network on that one thing and turn that one thing into many things!”

Lucia Galindo

VP of Business Development, RehabOne Medical Group

"I am now dangerously good at finding and reaching out to prospects so I can set up calls with them.

Highly recommended for anyone in business development who is looking for more qualified leads.”

Steve Duke

Certified License Partner, LXCouncil
Steve Duke
Here's what you get

What Can I Expect From This Bootcamp?

Each module teaches you simple strategic steps to create the right habits for prospecting using Sales Navigator on LinkedIn. 



Learn the basics of Sales Navigator, how to set up your strategy, and review prospects. Learn the difference between the organic version of LinkedIn compared to Sales Navigator, and more!


List Management

Put into place a list management strategy for lists of leads and lists of accounts. Review how to add new prospects to lists and when to move them from one list to another.



Create the best InMail strategy to actually get responses. Write great subject lines and custom messages that are direct but also simple for prospects to respond to.


Advanced Search

Run advanced search queries with special operators to create niche lists and how Sales Navigator helps you find new opportunities, position changes, and more triggers to reach out to potential clients that are ready to buy from you.



Combine LinkedIn organic with Sales Navigator and 10x your results by optimizing your profile and creating content that you can share with your prospects.


Tech Tutorials

Implement daily prospecting habits using Sales Navigator consistently by leveraging bookmarks, technology, and much more!


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Get amazing bonuses that will help get qualified leads

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List of fastest-growing companies in America

Finding qualified companies to target can be cumbersome and having this particular list will help you find companies like these quickly.

List of companies
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LinkedIn profile optimization checklist

There are 20 different points to optimize your profile with. Having this simple checklist to follow will help you have more authority and credibility when reaching out to prospects via Sales Navigator.

What’s included in this Bootcamp?

Recorded Training Sessions


One-on-one support


Networking opportunities



Getting Started Right!

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Need Sales Navigator account or trial

Sales Navigator Core or Advanced

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Interested in

Have the desire to reach out to potential prospects

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Have biz dev or sales position

Your role requires you to reach out and create new opportunities

Jeff Goldberg

"Working with Joe Apfelbaum in the Sales Navigator Bootcamp was valuable to the max!

Joe’s teaching style (fast-paced) kept me involved while still making sure I understood everything. Fun, useful, and a great ROI!”

Jeff Goldberg

Lead Coach & Trainer, Jeff Goldberg & Associates

“From sending just 10 messages today, I got 3 responses, one meeting setup, and $12,000

in potential revenue all from the skills I picked up from the Sales Navigator Bootcamp.”


CEO Coach
Dr Rao Hanumantha Kolusu

Here are some frequently asked questions about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Bootcamp

We include 6 hours of live training via Zoom in our scheduled sessions. You can see all the dates and pricing above. Join the waitlist here:

Join The Waitlist

Yes, if you miss a session, you will have access to the recordings, it’s a different experience to watching it live so we recommend you come to the live sessions if possible. If you want to review, we will make the video and transcript available to you within 48 hours of the session.

We are limiting this Bootcamp to 30 people in order to maintain the quality of the group and to give everyone a chance to ask questions and communicate properly. We just launched and we are already 50% full, once we are sold out there will be a waiting list for future bootcamps but we did not decide to do anymore this year yet.

You will get unlimited email support for 90 days after the Bootcamp and if you want to sign up for more training and support we will make that available at the end of the Bootcamp.

If you show up to the sessions, do the work, and are not satisfied, let us know within 14 days of the date we run our first class and we will give you a full refund.

If you have a team and you want to sign up your entire team. Please email us at info@evyrgreen.com and we will discuss options for teams.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the replay videos of the Sales Navigator Bootcamp, so rest assured you’ll have plenty of time to review and absorb the information.

You will get unlimited email support for 90 days after you sign up.

If you are not satisfied with the recorded training after accessing it and completing the frameworks, please contact us within 14 days of your initial access, and we will issue a full refund.

If you have a team and you want to sign up your entire team. Please email us at info@evyrgreen.com and we will discuss options for teams.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the replay videos of the Sales Navigator Bootcamp, so rest assured you’ll have plenty of time to review and absorb the information.

Are you ready to join the
Sales Navigator Bootcamp?

Join the waitlist. We only have room for a handful of people to go through this prospecting BootCamp with us!

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