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Evyrgreen Networking System

The most detailed video course and coaching program for business owners and entrepreneurs just like you to learn how to master LinkedIn to create hundreds of high-quality prospective clients that lead to business opportunities.

In just 15 minutes per day.

The Evyrgreen Networking System is the only LinkedIn networking course and coaching program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to engage with your future customers from your LinkedIn network – but how to convert those prospects into real paying clients.

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Before We Tell You All About This Life Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Course Is Really For…

You’re a business owner or entrepreneur who knows the potential of your product or service. But you feel stuck. You are ready to set up a business that not only gives you financial freedom but allows you to choose how, when, and with whom you’d like to work.
Maybe You’re…

A Consultant who knows how incredibly powerful LinkedIn can be for attracting the quality of consulting clients that perfectly fit your client avatar.

A Business Owner who’s looking for a way to get the products or services you’re selling into the hands of prospective buyers within your target market.

A Budding Entrepreneur who wants to reach a wider audience, hasten the growth curve, and start hitting the revenue figures you’ve always dreamed of.

Someone who is tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to using LinkedIn as a tool to connect, engage, and drive sales for whatever product or service that you’re selling.

If you fall into any of these categories, then you’re in the right place.

And in a few minutes, you’ll discover how to get your hands on all the strategies, templates, tools and exceptional support you’ll need on your journey to connecting with your ideal customers, creating an impact in their lives, and making more money. 

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By The Time You, Put The Evyrgreen Networking System To Use, You Will…

Fix your exposure problem

and say goodbye to the days when you struggled to get people to know you exist on LinkedIn.

Build niche-specific credibility

that will almost instantly make your ideal clients perceive you as a trusted and credible vendor of the solutions they are actively looking to pay for.

Get multiple sales conversations going

and stop wondering why your connections engage with your profile but refuse to buy from you.

Fill up your pipeline

with pre-qualified leads who have the money to spend on what you’re selling.

Stop chasing minor clients

because the big fish in your industry will be in your DMs, looking to do business with you.

Never have to worry about your next sale

as you will have a complete system that you can use to attract and convert total strangers into raving customers.

And Above All Else…

With the Evyrgreen Networking System you will nail down your prospecting & selling strategy instead of spending another year just thinking about it. The Evyrgreen Networking System will give you the confidence to hit and surpass your target monthly, quarterly, and yearly revenue levels. You’ll finally “ramp-up” your business development and have it run smoothly to continue generating revenue for you while you spend time with your loved ones.

As a result of the Evyrgreen Networking System, we have closed $40K in revenue in just 30 days.

We now have a playbook and clear understanding for how to generate leads on LinkedIn. The course and the coaching program is very helpful and I find it easy to apply what we learn after each session.

Sabby BG

Marketing Strategist
Sabby BG
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The Evyrgreen Networking System Is Already Changing The Lives Of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Like You

Here’s Your Chance To Get In And Experience Change Too

(Your Opportunity To Enroll Is Below)

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Stories Of Transformation From Evyrgreen Networking’s
680+ Members…

Mark Sheeran

I can project over $100K in revenue this year from what I have learned with the Evyrgreen Networking System in the first 30 days in the program.

I’m a big framework guy and like knowing that I have a simple framework and a plan to follow. The structure and playbook in the course is refreshing. The fact that they break it down to what I can do in 15 minutes a day saves me time and money.

Mark Sheeran

Fractional Integrator

My initial LinkedIn strategy was not working, but after coaching from Joe and Tami, I have seen immediate and unexpectedly amazing results.

I was excited to see that! As a recruiter, LinkedIn is very important to me. The Evyrgreen Networking System gave me the tools I need to get more clients and assist my candidates with more exposure, as well.”

Liz Capants

Executive Recruiter
Liz Capants
Marc Borrelli

After joining the Evyrgreen Networking System, I had my first session with Joe, and I got so much actionable advice that I will be busy for the next week.

However, Joe has provided a great format that I can use to reach my goal of 12 new clients in the next year as a Vistage chair and business coach. Highly recommend it.

Marc Borrelli

Vistage Chair
Results are not guaranteed. Please see earnings disclaimer for more detail.

Craving More Success Stories?

Click on the button below for more student testimonials from different industries, business sizes, and niches.

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Chat With A LinkedIn Coach

Want to find out directly from us how the Evyrgreen Networking System can unleash your potential? After 2 months of putting in the work, Matthew got over 70 appointments that led to closing over $10,000 in revenue. Want to find out how he did it?  Click here to request a meeting. 

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Have a 1.1 with an Evergreen Networking LinkedIn Coach

See What's inside The Evyrgreen Networking System

The Course

On Demand Video Course With Frameworks To Guide You

This is an on demand video course with templates, dashboards, and tools that are designed to take you from beginner to pro-level in generating warm leads and referrals from LinkedIn.

From creating a winning strategy to identifying your ideal prospects on LinkedIn to promoting your profile to get maximum exposure to earning their trust — it’s ALL inside this video course.

Even if you’re absolutely clueless on how to network and get leads from LinkedIn, this video course will break the whole process down into simple, easy-to-execute steps that will make it easy to start generating business leads and referrals in the fastest time possible.

And because it’s a pre-recorded course, you can always return to the videos and accompanying tools to learn and execute at any point in time.

  • Our video course consists of 3 main sections: Branding, Building, and Booming.

  • Each section has up to 9 modules with pre-recorded videos and easy to fill out frameworks.

  • In the Branding section you will learn about Strategy: What is your plan? Who are your people? Who are your possible clients and who do you need to connect to? What should your messaging be for each? What is your promise, your guarantee? You will use this foundation for all aspects of your work on LinkedIn, so it’s really important to have this developed.

  • In the Building section you will discover how to craft and tell your story, how to build your assets, how to improve your presence on LinkedIn so you actually get found and how to use automation tools that will save you a lot of time and won’t make you look like a spammer.

  • In the Booming section, you will map the actions you need to take to gain more exposure, build credibility and ultimately have more meetings that lead to new business.
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Live Coaching Sessions

It’s one thing to go through a pre-recorded video course on your own to learn concepts. And it’s another thing entirely to have someone to hold you by the hand and walk you through exactly what you need to do to get the results that you’re after.

That’s why we don’t just send you the pre-recorded video course, but hold live virtual bi-monthly group coaching sessions on Zoom to break down everything we taught within the course on a granular level – as well as answer the most important questions that you may have on how to be more effective with LinkedIn.

  • Since we want to be a partner in your success, you will get lifetime access to the Live Coaching Sessions.

  • It’s an open mic—you will be able to ask all the Business, Marketing, or LinkedIn related questions and get all the answers that you need in order to keep moving up in the ladder of success.

  • The sessions are both Live and On Demand! Given that every Live Session is recorded, if you ever were to miss one, no worries, you can always get access to them any time, any day that you want.

  • In addition to the Live Sessions, we also offer 24/7 support. Email the dedicated support email address, and our team of LinkedIn Strategists will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

  • Sessions are customized to suit your specific business questions.

  • Have your profile reviewed by an expert, follow our expert tips to validate and solidify your LinkedIn presence.

  • Get the support that you need: we will be there serving as a backbone on any mindset challenges that you might have along the way. We want to help you grow your business.
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Continuing Education

Continuing LinkedIn Education

LinkedIn is always coming out with new features, so we hold monthly live workshops designed to keep you fresh and up to date with the latest technologies, systems, and methods of generating warm leads and referrals on LinkedIn.

In the live workshops, we go above and beyond what we covered in the video course to discuss topics such as the new LinkedIn features, LinkedIn Company Pages, Polls, Sales Navigator or even how to use other tools like Canva for graphic design.

We also touch on other subjects like how to automate your LinkedIn posts, how to find email addresses of your prospective leads, and everything else crucial to your success with getting leads, sales, and referrals from LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn keeps changing how things work. Stay up to date with the evolution of the algorithm through expert-level tips and strategies.

  • Get access to new software tools that allow you to integrate with LinkedIn and help you automate, research and expand your reach using plug-ins and third party software.

  • Continue learning: these live workshops happen once per month and are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. In the past year, we have held over 65 of them!

  • Our workshops are Live and you can also watch the replays!

  • We’ve completed over 65 Continuing Education Workshops so far. You unlock access to our complete library, plus upcoming live workshops.
The Community

Community Of Engaged LinkedIn Users

The fourth component to the Evyrgreen Networking System that people love is our community. This community ALONE is worth the total cost of enrollment and then some!

Within the community, we have engaged LinkedIn users that are happy to like and comment on your content, get on the phone with you, or even meet for coffee. We have over 680 members in the Evyrgreen Networking System, and these members are happy to network, share their contacts, and even refer you to prospective clients.

Our membership cuts across every business niche you can think of. So, rest assured that regardless of what type of business you are running, you’ll find awesome people in our community to synergize with. We have lawyers, accountants, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and more from all over the world that are happy to connect with you and build real, meaningful relationships.

  • Be part of a community of people who are successfully using LinkedIn to network and grow their business.
  • Get access to our monthly networking events and build real relationships. We hold both virtual and in person events, so you can pick whatever suits you best!
  • Leverage a willing-to-help community to promote and expand the reach of your LinkedIn content.
  • Connect with professionals who are open to refer business to you.
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Here's what you get

When You Join The Evyrgreen Networking System… You Get Lifetime access To:

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The Complete Evyrgreen Networking Course

Modules complete with frameworks, cheatsheets, templates and scripts that lay out a complete blueprint of exactly what to do and how to do it to convert your LinkedIn account into a reliable generator of leads and sales for your business.