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How we went from not having conversations at all to having as many conversations as we want

in just 15 minutes a day of using LinkedIn. Before we discovered the power of networking on LinkedIn, it was really hard to find people to have conversations with. Cold calling was a grueling process that worked but connected us with the wrong people.

We were burned out from calling people and getting rejected, so we started networking offline by going to countless networking events.

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We learned through trial and error all the wrong things to do

Things that did not get us results like: handing out business cards at events, trying to be transactional, or pitching people that are not interested.

Once we mastered offline networking, we noticed that Microsoft invested $26.2 billion to purchase LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, and we saw so many changes on the platform.

LinkedIn went from a directory of professional connections to a content marketing platform and became a networking tool that allowed us to get new clients for our marketing agency, Ajax Union.

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We were so successful!

So much so that people started asking us how we did it. We shared our process and realized that people want to learn how to network digitally. It’s not always obvious how to take an action online! We started Evyrgreen Networking to help you keep your conversations going even when you cannot meet in person. We have helped hundreds of consultants, coaches, and sales professionals understand how to leverage LinkedIn to book conversations with ideal clients and centers of influence.
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Who are our experts?

Meet Joe!

Entrepreneur Joe Apfelbaum, our resident LinkedIn expert, found his life purpose to help hungry entrepreneurs go from frustration to Mojovation. He loves to share his process with you so you can take your life and your business to the next level.

Meet Tami!

Tami Joy Schlichter has a PHD in math and is an expert at taking complicated ideas and turning them into systems and processes. She has helped codify our simple to follow frameworks taking all our knowledge, expertise and processes into actionable steps that anyone can follow to get to their goals.

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