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 “Evyrgreen AI 1000 ChatGPT Prompts” will teach you to improve your skills and increase the effectiveness in your role by using AI. These prompts offer 1000 ways to  use the AI software ChatGPT, and are suitable for anyone with basic knowledge of AI as well as people with advanced knowledge of this software.

While you’re looking at the prompts, you might want to learn more about leveraging AI for business development with Evyrgreen AI. Not only does Evyrgreen AI teach you how to become more efficient in business, but now we’ve added new offerings, tutorials, case studies with videos, and more to get the most out of our course. You can even learn to create AI generated videos, like the one seen here:

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which includes:


Here are the details of the 10 modules we included in the course with a total of 29 videos that you can watch on demand.

Module 1

Brainstorming with AI

  • Identify problems you want to brainstorm about
  • Develop themes for projects or concepts
  • Going deeper and combining ideas
Module 1
Module 2

Research with AI

  • How to ask intelligent questions to conduct research
  • Gathering background information on topics to get more context
  • Providing sources for information to evaluate reliability and validity
Module 2
Module 3

Strategy with AI

  • Identify your goals and problems to solve
  • Questions to ask to develop a strategy
  • Being specific to develop a strategy
Module 3
Module 4

Summarizing with AI

  • Type of content that need summarizing
  • Converting topics into chunks to create main points
  • Leveraging conversations and podcasts
Module 4
Module 5

Content with AI

  • Garbage in, Garbage out, quality input required
  • Blogging, Articles, Press Releases How to create em
  • Writing books, ebooks as a base for content generation
Module 5
Module 6

Scripts with AI

  • Types of scripts needed for business development
  • Video scripts and how to create them
  • Messaging templates & scripts
Module 6
Module 7

Social with AI

  • Creating content for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Developing a content calendar and using posting tools
  • Keeping your voice in social media comments
Module 7
Module 8

Emails with AI

  • Crafting email sequences for outreach
  • Writing letters to clients and prospects
  • Email templates & libraries create and store
Module 8
Module 9

Creativity with AI

  • Leveraging your experience and passions
  • Using humor, art and still being professional
  • Why creativity matters with AI and why humans are needed
Module 9
Module 10


  • How to use ChatGPT
  • Transcribe with Otter.ai
  • Create AI content with Texta.ai
  • Magic Write AI in Canva
  • Create AI Art with Midjourney
Module 10

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