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5 SMART Things You Can Do on LinkedIn with AI Assistance

AI isn’t about replacing you; it’s about making your life smarter. In this enlightening webinar, we’ll unveil the strategic ways to integrate AI into your LinkedIn journey, ensuring it acts as your smart companion. Like smartphones, AI has its nuances, and we’re here to guide you on the intelligent path.

In this enlightening webinar, discover the art of making LinkedIn work smarter for you with AI. We’ll delve into five SMART strategies that can elevate your LinkedIn game. First, learn how to leave contextually relevant and thoughtful comments using AI, enhancing your engagement. Next, explore the ease of translating your thoughts into compelling LinkedIn posts effortlessly. Craft personalized connection notes that resonate, fostering meaningful connections with the help of AI. Discover the smart approach to crafting genuine and impactful recommendations for your LinkedIn connections. Lastly, uncover the power of optimizing your profile intelligently with AI tools like our evyAI. Join us to explore these SMART LinkedIn strategies and revolutionize your professional presence.

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Meet your host!

Joe Apfelbaum

is the CEO of Ajax Union, an INC 500 ranked, B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, and certified Google trainer.
Joe is the author of a new book High Energy Secrets about how he lost 95 pounds and has more energy than ever.
When he is not Mojovating hungry entrepreneurs at events and on social media, he relaxes in Brooklyn with his family.

Joe Apfelbaum is a LinkedIn Strategist & Certified Google trainer and has been teaching professionals how to grow their business for the past decade. Joe is a professional speaker and a member of the national speakers association. His presentations are engaging, entertaining but also highly educational and inspirational.


Fox Business@2x
Business Insider@2x
The Wall Street@2x

What people say about our webinars

Shira Parnes

“I met Joe at a tradeshow and he inspired me to take my social selling game more seriously.

He was so happy to help answer questions and give quick tips that were actually helpful. If you’re feeling drowsy, just join one of his trainings, his energy will wake you right up and get you to take action.”

Shira Parnes

Founder of VENTURA

“Joe Apfelbaum is by far, hands down, the best LinkedIn trainer in the industry today.

As for the content, he teaches the spectrum from basic things that everyone should be doing online to advanced techniques that will help you engage, create awareness, and get more leads leading to closed business than ever before. I highly recommend working with Joe, joining his webinars, learning from his teachings, and getting on his radar.”

Raphi Salem

Marketing Expert, Digital Lead Gen Guru, Internet Reputation Management, Growth Strategist
Raphi Salem
Vicente Romano

“I have attended to different webinars of Joe’s and all of them have been truly inspiring!

Joe amazed me with his valuable content. He has taught me so much and I’m really grateful to learn from him. His passion and energy are second to none.
I really appreciate the effort he is doing in these difficult times to help as many people as he can. BOOM 💥💥💥💥”

Vicente Romano

Electrical contracting and consultancy services for construction managers & interior designers

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