Real Success Stories

Evyrgreen Networking Testimonials

Real Life Stories from Entrepreneurs who joined the Evyrgreen Networking System to get More Referrals and Build Valuable Relationships on LinkedIn

Greg Wright

“Initially skeptical about courses like these, fearing the missed value, I was proven wrong.

Your commitment to helping us leverage LinkedIn was evident through the immense value and detailed responses to every question, showcasing your unparalleled knowledge. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon your course, which opened my eyes to the potential of LinkedIn, especially with AI integration. Eager to review the material and apply changes to my LinkedIn account, your course made it clear that attentive note-taking and later application was the best strategy due to the wealth of information provided. I’m particularly excited for the Sales Navigator course, confident in your ability to demystify its optimization based on your proven expertise. Thank you for an enlightening experience.”

Greg Wright

“Taking 12 pages of notes and still feeling like I’ve barely scratched the surface, this training was a game-changer for LinkedIn.

It’s been an empowering day, diving deep into strategies I wasn’t aware of before. Understanding the importance of connecting with purpose has transformed my approach. This felt like a master’s level course in LinkedIn, and I’m grateful for the empowering knowledge shared. Thank you, Joe, for making such a significant impact.”

Lydia Harris

Owner of The Entrepreneurs' Garden
Lydia Harris
Dr. Leah Johnson

“The accelerator program was phenomenal, and Joe, your coaching truly pushes people towards greatness.

Your guidance has shown me how to transform my vision into reality using the tools provided. I’ve already rebuilt my profile and am eager to use all the tools without fear. Thank you for your impactful coaching, and I look forward to further courses to maximize my potential.”

Dr. Leah Johnson


“It was truly wonderful.

I plan to revisit the material in my spare time, dedicating 20-30 minutes daily over the next month for a better grasp. There’s so much to absorb, and while it’s been a ‘fire hose’ of information, I’m aiming for a trickle approach to fully digest it all.”

Don S. Riggs

Regional Manager / Owner of DAS Acquisitions Company
Don Riggs
Diona Kidd

“Previously, I used LinkedIn minimally for networking. Today, I leave with a clear plan and a daily activity checklist, providing the clarity I needed.

The tips shared have made LinkedIn manageable, despite my busy schedule running an agency. It’s now digestible and feels within my reach.”

Diona Kidd

Managing Partner, Knowmad Digital Marketing

“Today’s training was like drinking from a firehose—astonishing content on leveraging LinkedIn, from followers to live videos.

Joe’s hands-on approach made it stick. Following Joe’s advice, I updated my profile and immediately saw engagement. Truly amazing and grateful for the experience.”


CEO and Founder of TygaSmart
Nadine Cino
Rhonda Sher

“As a LinkedIn trainer myself, I was amazed by Joe’s course.

It simplified LinkedIn, showing us the how, why, and proving we can achieve our goals. The course is a goldmine of time-saving hacks and Joe’s supportive nature enhances the learning experience. Highly recommended for anyone seeking comprehensive guidance on LinkedIn.”

Rhonda Sher

LinkedIn Trainer

“I’ve always seen LinkedIn as a casual tool, but this training taught me the importance of having a strategic plan, similar to a business plan, for using it effectively.”

James Sullivan

CEO of Humboldt Storage & Moving
James Sullivan
Nancy Beth Guptill

“There is so much I can say about Joe and his company Evyrgreen Networking, and I will list a few of the top reasons below.”

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a LinkedIn and Digital Marketing Coach or to invest in digital/social media programs, I can tell you Joe is one of the best around. I’ve worked with a few and while I enjoyed and learned from others, Joe just has a really fun way of building community, saying it like it is, and inspiring you to do more while providing easy to follow instructions that gives you the confidence and/or the kick-in-the-butt you need to move forward and just do it!

As founder/co-founder of 3 non-profits and 2 companies, my clients are on LinkedIn. I was actively searching for an expert in this space and stumbled upon Joe, and it’s truly a blessing.

Here are some of the reasons I love working with Joe and his team:
1) Joe is very knowledgeable
2) I love how direct Joe is. He says it like it is, and he says it with love and fun
3) Joe breaks things down so they are easy to understand and he is very encouraging
4) Joe is creating a community of people and it’s very welcoming
5) Joe creates and educates with fun and pleasure – yet holds us accountable and teaches discipline

I could go on and on about all the reasons why you should work with Joe. I highly recommend working with him.

Nancy Beth Guptill

Founder & President

“One of the best investments you can make.

A course and a coaching program with Joe Apfelbaum on how to effectively use LinkedIn to make money in sales!! BOOM!”

Jeff Goldberg

Lead Coach/Trainer
Jeff Goldberg
Sabby BG

“As a result of the Evyrgreen Networking System, we have closed $40K in revenue in just 30 days.

We now have a playbook and clear understanding for how to generate leads on LinkedIn. The course and the coaching program is very helpful and I find it easy to apply what we learn after each session.”

Sabby BG

Marketing Strategist

“I can project over $100K in revenue this year from what I have learned with the Evyrgreen Networking System in the first 30 days in the program.

I’m a big framework guy and like knowing that I have a simple framework and a plan to follow. The structure and playbook in the course is refreshing. The fact that they break it down to what I can do in 15 minutes a day saves me time and money.”

Mark Sheeran

Fractional Integrator
Mark Sheeran
Marc Borrelli

“After joining the Evyrgreen Networking System, I had my first session with Joe, and I got so much actionable advice that I will be busy for the next week.

However, Joe has provided a great format that I can use to reach my goal of 12 new clients in the next year as a Vistage chair and business coach. Highly recommend it.”

Marc Borrelli

Vistage Chair

“I’ve worked with MANY LinkedIn trainers in my day, generated multiple 6 figures of revenue off LinkedIn and

Joe Apfelbaum’s Evyrgreen Networking sessions have taught me more about this platform than EVERY other trainer COMBINED.”

Brenden Kumarasamy

Executive Coach
Brenden Kumarasamy
Liz Capants

“My initial LinkedIn strategy was not working, but after coaching from Joe and Tami, I have seen immediate and unexpectedly amazing results.

I was excited to see that! As a recruiter, LinkedIn is very important to me. The Evyrgreen Networking System gave me the tools I need to get more clients and assist my candidates with more exposure, as well.”

Liz Capants

Executive Recruiter

“Evyrgreen Networking allows me to get real results from LinkedIn. More views, more engagement, more prospects.

I have the coaching I need, I have the strategies and frameworks. This is a great resource for anyone that wants advanced LinkedIn strategies that are easy to implement in 15 minutes a day.”

Renee Wengrofsky

Renee Wengrofsky
Judi Hays

“I was skeptical at first. I watched a webinar, thinking I wouldn’t join the course. Then, I was blown away.

This is one of THE BEST LinkedIn training tools that are out there right now. Not only their methodology, but also their enthusiasm, and the purpose that they bring to it. They make it extremely accessible and give everyone personal attention. If you have fears around ‘can I do this,’ this course will get you off the couch and into the arena. By the way, I am a LinkedIn Trainer! I am a LinkedIn expert, and I am STILL learning things in this course, and that is what blows me away.”

Judi Hays

LinkedIn Coach

“With Evyrgreen Networking, I’ve learned the right way to engage with homeowners to get listings in Brooklyn.

Using their direct messaging secrets, I was able to build relationships and get referrals faster. By following their 15 minute per day plan, I closed an exclusive listing and earned $7K in commission in the first 3 weeks.”

Mendy Lipsker

Real Estate Broker
Mendy Lipsker
Gordon Coyle

“Joe and Tami, I just want to THANK YOU for the Evyrgreen Networking System. I just finished the training modules last week and I’ll tell you that it’s incredibly thorough and comprehensive.

I’ve done a couple of other LinkedIn training courses and they don’t compare to what you’ve put together here!”

Gordon Coyle

Insurance Broker

“I now understand how to spend 15 min on LinkedIn every morning. I’m a member of the Executive’s Association, and I tell people The Evyrgreen Networking System is amazing!

I got value within days. Joe is very knowledgeable in this area. Implementing this course has kept me fully booked. I am going to keep doing this because it’s such a simple way to get business! This course made me money, what more can I say?”

Barry Sharp

Business Consultant
Barry Sharp 300x300 1
Evan Mestman

“Evyrgreen Networking helps you set a foundation, develop a strategy, and pave the path to mastery with 100% commitment and support.

Their energetic personalities, brilliant business minds, and unique style showed me exactly where I wanted to go, where I was stuck, and how to get exactly where I needed to be. Don’t waste your money on other coaches and programs until you’ve tried this incredibly effective coaching. It should be a required curriculum in every entrepreneurs’ training!”

Evan Mestman

Health Coach

“I have truly learned a lot in this LinkedIn course! I’m now confident in how to leverage LinkedIn and that knowledge has really helped me scale my law practice.

Most importantly, the Evyrgreen team is always there to answer questions and guide me, particularly when I’m stuck. The support from Joe, Tami, and the whole team has been amazing. I highly recommend learning with Evyrgreen Networking.”

Audrey Glover-Dichter

Advertising Lawyer
E. Audrey Glover Dichter
Lisa Linker

“If you want to set yourself up for success, sign up for the Evyrgreen Networking System! Access to coaching and support is a huge bonus.

It is the best investment you can make for your personal and professional development!”

Lisa Linker

Technology Consultant

“I have gotten such incredible value out of this course and highly recommend signing up for the Evyrgreen Networking System.

It’s not just LinkedIn training, it’s also full of business development coaching.”

Tina Larsson

Real Estate Consultant
Tina Larsson 02
John Szabo

“LinkedIn has proven to be the most effective way to network, build relationships and grow your business as people become overwhelmed with email and cold calls.

Evyrgreen is simply extraordinary in coaching you on the best way to navigate, leverage, and use LinkedIn.”

John Szabo

Senior Account Executive, Searchmetrics

“Evyrgreen has a vested and personal interest in my success – this is something that I never expected but was very happy to realize.

And the Evyrgreen team is full of phenomenal people, experts that have been available to me on a daily and continuous basis. Their encouragement and instruction are on point and succinct. I am very appreciative to Evyrgreen and would highly recommend anyone who would like to improve their networking and business development on LinkedIn.”

Benjamin Pariser

Principal, Restorical
Benjamin Pariser
Barry Duffy

“Evyrgreen provides so much value to people to help take their personal brand and social selling skills to the next level.

Although they have a great program, which is so worth every $, they also give way so much content free of charge, and believe me this content works!!! I would definitely recommend learning from Evyrgreen. BOOM.”

Barry Duffy

Head of Growth Marketing, Tookitaki

“I am taking Evyrgreen’s Linkedin class.

I find it to be a valuable resource and tool. Evyrgreen is extremely knowledgeable and is one of the few LinkedIn experts that actually practice what they preach. So many coaches have no presence on LinkedIn so don’t even practice what they preach. Thanks for the insights and tips!”

Barry Wolfe

Senior Managing Director of Investments, Marcus & Millichamp
Barry Wolfe
Leah Freiman

“Evyrgreen gave me a plan of action.

Their course touched all parts of LinkedIn I didn’t even know existed, like articles. It taught me what kind of content to put out there so that I can add value to other people.

Since then I’ve gotten more courage to direct message people on Linkedin. It became my company’s online resume and my passion and care for my clients comes forth in everything I do.

Thank you Evyrgreen for not letting me give up on one of the best platforms for business.”

Leah Freiman

CEO, ItCon Inc.

“Evyrgreen’s knowledge of LinkedIn is simply unmatched.

Evyrgreen is very generous and always willing to educate and serve. I highly recommend their webinars, they are full of actionable tips you can implement immediately to grow and scale your business. Thanks for sharin’ and carin’ Evyrgreen. Boom!”

Ryan Rhoten

Owner, The Distilled Brand
Ryan Rhoten
Gabrielle Dale

“Evyrgreen taught two incredible workshops for our team on how to maximize the use of LinkedIn.

The first workshop left our team so inspired and re-energized that we asked him to come back to speak to our new hires. They teach in an exciting, interactive, and straight-forward manner that makes it easy to identify what is most important to take away from the conversation – and their knowledge on the subject speaks for itself. I highly recommend Evyrgreen’s workshop for anyone looking to get better at networking and/or feel inspired to reach their professional goals.“

Gabrielle Dale

Managing Director, Young Jewish Professionals


Great insight from Evyrgreen on how to use LinkedIn, great insight into how to strategize, and then how to make progress both in business and in your personal life! “The right strategy can save you a decade.”

Jim Morris

Owner, Express Employment Professionals
Jim Morris
Julia Hoagland

“Evyrgreen‘s course on LinkedIn was packed full of great pro tips, presented in an interesting and engaging fashion, and left me with concrete and actionable to-dos.

And it was fun! I enjoyed it and recommend Evyrgreen to anyone looking to leverage LinkedIn.”

Julia Hoagland

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Compass Inc.

“Evyrgreen is by far, hands down, the best LinkedIn trainer in the industry today.

They teach basic things that everyone should be doing online as well as advanced techniques that will help you engage, create awareness, and get more leads leading to closed business than ever before. I highly recommend working with Evyrgreen, joining their webinars, learning from their teachings, and getting on their radar.“

Raphi Salem

President, SalemGlobal Digital Marketing & Lead Generation
Raphi Salem
Denise Hall

“If you are looking for ways to optimize LinkedIn and learn about how you can brand yourself, work with Evyrgreen.

Their training is fun, engaging, and informative.”

Denise Hall

Business Value Analyst, Xcllusive Business Sales

“As a small business owner, I’m always looking for ways to move my business forward.

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in a very energetic LinkedIn tactics session with Evyrgreen! It was extremely insightful; I ended up with pages and pages of notes and a huge list of improvements for both my LinkedIn profile and strategy.

This session definitely moved the needle and will pay dividends to my business in the future.“

Jonathan Chowdhury

Founder, Vervology
Jonathan Chowdhury
Margo Masri 1

“I recently signed up for Evyrgreen’s course and I just love it!

It’s helping me be a better influencer, more organized in my business, and have strategies to be successful in LinkedIn. it’s easy to learn and follow and I feel tons of value. Thank you Evyrgreen!”

Margo Masri

The CFO Solution Queen, MM Accounting

“I am a current student in Evyrgreen’s Networking Linkedin Foundations course and it is the best courses I have taken on this subject.

Joe and Tami are very hands-on, friendly, and practical. Everything is laid out step-by-step and they are always ready and eager to answer any questions that may come up. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their network and impact on Linkedin.”

Nancy Giacolone

President/ Owner, Olympic Crest Insurance, Inc.
Nancy Giacolone
Charlotte Flegal

“Evyrgreen has taught me so much about using Linkedin to grow my business.

Their training is not only helpful, but they make it fun.”

Charlotte Flegal

Business Development, HireQuest Direct

“Spending an hour with Evyrgreen completely changed the way I approach LinkedIn.

Their proven strategy on networking through LinkedIn has been a great resource for me and my company.”

Robert Shelala II

Director of Aerospace, Compass Forwarding Company, Inc.
Robert Shelala
David Shurna

“Evyrgreen gave me a LinkedIn strategy that made sense.

I know how to make cold calls to meet new people and get them excited about our work. Now I know how to use Linkedin to foster those truly meaningful in-person connections. 90 minutes with Evyrgreen and I was ready to toss the old way of doing this and finally excited by the new way. I’ll add that they’re super dynamic presenters – engaging to all those involved. Thanks Evyrgreen!”

David Shurna

Co-founder & Board President, No Barriers

“Evyrgreen’s expertise, enthusiasm, and energy during the course was refreshing.

I learned the importance of the words I use on my profile (especially in the headline), how to effectively connect with other professionals, how important is it to engage daily, and much more! Thank you Joe and Tami for the much-needed guidance!”

Tina Lleshdedaj

Manager, Win Local Inc.
Matthew Gardner

“It is a pleasure to work with Joe and Tami and learn from their LinkedIn expertise.

I highly recommend Evyrgreen’s training for anyone committed to expanding their network and growing their business on LinkedIn.”

Matthew D. Gardner

Sales Director, Nature Pay

“Joe and Tami patiently walked me through how to optimize my profile to attract more clients.

Their advice is actionable and their energy is contagious. Being around them makes the most boring thing like updating your profile seem fun and exciting. Thanks Evyrgreen for motivating me to see Linkedin as a priority in my marketing mix!”

Libby Rothschild

Founder & CEO, Dietitian Boss
Libby Rothschild 1
Alexander Scutaru

“If you want your sleepy sales team to get started their lead generation on LinkedIn, I highly recommend getting them trained by Evyrgreen.

Their no-nonsense 15-minute-a-day system and high energy training webinars will get your reluctant farmers hunting on LinkedIn.”

Alexander Scutaru

Marketing Analyst, Alfa Laval

“Evyrgreen Networking is awesome.

When you join the Evyrgreen Networking Community, you join a group of people who are like-minded and support each other, and you have amazing coaches who help you excel and guide you to get what you want out of LinkedIn.”

Tania Friedlander

Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Tania Friedlander Coaching
Tania Friedlander
Nedra Rezinas

“I love their style of teaching, it’s quite refreshing.

Thanks for encouraging business owners to use their strengths and include stories! Super stoked to use your knowledge on LinkedIn.”

Nedra Rezinas

Marketing Strategist, Nedra Rezinas Consulting

“Do you want to learn how to leverage the power of Linkedin for your business?

Evyrgreen Networking is not only detailed, but the insights and ideas clearly come from experience. I highly recommend you go sign up so you can start putting this genius course to work.”

Bryon Mccartney

Principal Creative Strategist, Archmark
Bryon McCartney 480x480 1
Olga Kirschenbaum


I did the Brandin’ section before the weekend. I thought I was focused, now I’m laser-focused!”

Olga Kirshenbaum

Founder, Rags to Riches Consulting

“This course is #GOLD.

There is so much more than meets the eye… When I joined I thought I knew LinkedIn. I am learning something new each time.”

Matthew Silverman

MBA, Chief Optimizer at Silver Optimize
Matthew Silverman
David Schatzkamer

“Joe Apfelbaum really provides great value about LinkedIn.

Get on board with him – you won’t regret it!”

David Schatzkamer

Director/ Registered Play Therapist Supervisor,

“Closed another deal yesterday. That’s 3 since I started with Evyrgreen Networking 3 days ago!

If you do what Joe tells you to do, it works. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The main results I get are from messaging.”

Jeff Giorgi

Founder, Digital Marketing Distractions
Jeff Giorgi
Yissy Freeman

“Joe Apfelbaum is like no other! I, myself, can say he’s transformed my business drastically.

The results are clear as ever. Work with Joe— don’t even think about it! You’ll get more than you put in.”

Yissy Freeman

Owner, Dynamite Media

“This course is a complete U-turn from everything I was doing on LinkedIn;

it has 10x more value than you could expect, PLUS it’s surrounded by and AWESOME community! Happy I decided to join!”

Michael Ramos

Founder, Crimson Tail
Michael Ramos 400x382 1
Jeff Keim

“After one month of the Evyrgreen Networking System, I had a post go absolutely VIRAL on LinkedIn!

My post got over a million views, shares, comments. My connections grew exponentially, my DMs blew up, and the best part: I GOT A FEW DOZEN HOT LEADS FROM THIS VIRAL POST!
This all came from having a tailored LinkedIn strategy. Thank you Tami and Joe!”

Jeff Keim

Quantum Leap Coach, Speaker, Author

“I can’t congratulate Joe and his team enough in terms of putting together such a comprehensive detailed informative program.

You are assured on becoming a Linkedin master! In addition they proved to be incredibly supportive. They even offered more simplified learning modules to accommodate my limitations with technology. Thanks again, Evyrgreen!”

Bill Solz

Director Stress Solutions of New York
Bill Solz